Federico Luzzi and AIL Arezzo

Federico Luzzi, a native of Arezzo, Italy, was a professional tennis player: he turned pro in 1998 and he compiled his best season in 2001 when he finished with a year-end high No. 96. That year he reached the quarterfinals in Barcelona, his best ATP result, and won two Challenger titles. He also made his Davis Cup debut.
On February 11, 2002 he reached a career-high No. 92 in the South African Airways ATP Rankings.
Federico Luzzi died Saturday October 25th 2008 . The 28-year-old went to a hospital for an illness earlier that week and was discovered with a acute case of leukemia. He went into an irreversible coma Saturday morning, and passed away soon after.
Federico was hugely respected by his fellow professionals and was one of the most popular players on the ATP Tour.

His family, father, Maurizio; mother, Paola; and older sister, Francesca , in December 2008, founded a Charity Association named FEDE LUX “ Together for Federico Luzzi” with the main purpose to keep alive his memory, reach funds helping scientific research against leukemia and provide care to sick people of haematological diseases
Many events were held, during the 2009 season, in Italy, France, Monte Carlo, Switzerland, with the precious support of FIT, the Italian Tennis Federation and of all the most important and famous tennis players of the moment, as Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and many others.
The fundraising was so wide, that Luzzi family decided to give all the money collected to AIL ( Italian Association Against Leukemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma ) an ‘ONLUS’ (socially active non-profit organisation) constituted in Rome in  1969. AIL is nationally present with its 81 Sections and works in close relationship with haematologists and hospitals. Also thanks to AIL’s efforts, Italian haematology centres provide high quality services comparable with the best to be found worldwide.
Ail President, prof. Franco Mandelli, after longing and desire of Luzzi’s family, granted the creation of a local Section in Arezzo, devoted to Federico Luzzi.
Ail Arezzo “Federico Luzzi” ONLUS was inaugurated in 2009, October the 25th, the first anniversary of Luzzi’s demise.
Ail Arezzo provides home healthcare assistance and housing for patients and their families. We do believe home healthcare assistance reduces recovery time and gives patients a better quality of life.
Ail Arezzo provides also a Psychoncologist and medical furnitures and appliances for the local Hematology Department.
AIL volunteers help out for the fund raising campaigns, like our Poinsettias and Easter eggs, which have become real symbols for AIL.
AIL funds GIMEMA, a non-profit Foundation coordinating over 140 Haematology Centers, which are virtually all centers in Italy. Its main goal is to identify the best diagnostic and therapeutic standards for blood diseases.